Jinshan these two enterprises successfully launched "escort" for Shenzhou 12

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On the morning of June 17,
Carrying Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft
The Long March II f remote 12 launch vehicle was ignited and launched,
Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft
Then it successfully separated from the rocket,
Enter the predetermined track,
Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming
Tang Hongbo three astronauts
Into space.


This makes the two enterprises from Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone very excited, because their products are used on Shenzhou 12, providing Jinshan guarantee for "Shenzhou" to fly into the sky and kiss "Tianhe".

Polyimide has become one of the indispensable materials for China's aerospace industry because of its excellent chemical stability and super high and low temperature physical and mechanical properties. As an important supplier of polyimide monomer chemical raw materials in China, ether anhydride (ODPA) products produced by Shanghai guchuang new chemical materials Co., Ltd. are used as the main raw materials for the production of ys20 series polyimide molding compounds of Shanghai synthetic resin Research Institute, and finally used in the supporting special high temperature resistant parts of Shenzhou spacecraft, It has made outstanding contributions to the smooth development and successful launch of Shenzhou spacecraft.


It is reported that Shanghai guchuang new chemical materials Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Jinshan Fine Chemical Industrial Park. Its main products are used in aerospace, electronic and electrical, integrated circuit, machinery manufacturing and other fields. With strong R & D capability, advanced production equipment, mature production technology and rich sales network, the company is among the best among similar enterprises in China. In particular, it has participated in R & D projects for many times, enriched the varieties of polyimide monomer chemicals and expanded the types and application fields of polyimide, which not only meets the market demand, It also improves the quality of raw materials to the international advanced level.


Another company from Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone, Meijian chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., also "escorted" the successful launch of Shenzhou 12. The products produced by the company are used in the electrical connectors produced by Zhengzhou Aerospace Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and finally applied to Shenzhou spacecraft. Because the electrical connector needs to work in a series of special environments, the products produced by the company can protect the connector from corrosion and ensure that the connector can work better.

It is reported that Meijian chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a chemical supplier focusing on well-known brands of surface treatment in general industry and electronic industry. Its service industry includes more than 30 fields such as aviation, electronic electroplating and automobile. Its products are used in connectors, instruments and integrated circuits. It has worked hard in the aviation field for several years, Continuously provide stable and high-quality materials for China's aerospace supporting fields.