Metfin chemical has made in-depth R & D and continuous innovation to promote the green development of new chemical industry

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Recently, China's Shenzhou 12 spacecraft was successfully launched. Meijian chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as a supplier of surface treatment technology and products for spacecraft electrical connectors, also contributed to the successful launch of the spacecraft.

Meijian chemical was founded in 1980. The company mainly produces and sells all kinds of metal surface treatment chemicals. It is a well-known brand chemical supplier focusing on aerospace, electronic industry and general daily hardware metal surface treatment industry. After years of R & D and improvement, the company's complete set of special aluminum alloy surface treatment processes and products have a high degree of anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation effect, and have been widely used in aerospace aircraft and parts of domestic lithography machines. In addition, the company has also achieved good results in the innovation and improvement of metal imitation gold, electronic parts surface treatment and traditional surface treatment additives.

Liang Yinghao, chairman of Meijian chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: "Meijian chemical is a subsidiary invested in the mainland by Meijian group in Hong Kong, China. I remember that more than 30 years ago, when I first came to invest in China, China's surface treatment industry was still in a relatively primary stage. Thanks to the rapid development of the country over the past 30 years, Meijian's R & D, production and sales in the mainland have been growing continuously. Now, Meijian chemical's production and sales are growing Products are widely used in aerospace, electronics, automobile and commodity industries, and have also made modest contributions to national scientific and technological innovation. As an enterprise in the mainland of Hong Kong, China, I also feel very honored to see the great rejuvenation of the motherland! "

Guided by the trinity of quality, technology and service, Meijian chemical will deepen the application of technology and technical services to customers on the basis of providing high-quality products. The company works closely with the majority of users to provide innovative solutions to fully meet the various needs of customers in the surface treatment process.

Looking forward to the future, Meijian chemical will continue in-depth research and development, continue to innovate, and make great strides towards a new chemical enterprise with environmental protection, green and safety!

This program was broadcast on Shanghai Oriental financial channel on July 25.