A series of products for cylindrical battery case of new energy vehicles, including LC tensile lubricant, SL cleaning agent and Mg protective agent

LC stretch lubricant is suitable for steel and non-ferrous metals. It has good rust prevention effect and will not stain metals

SL cleaning agent, low foam cleaning agent, suitable for stainless steel and copper alloy, can remove the slight corrosion of iron parts and 400 stainless steel, and has strong decontamination power

Mg protective agent is a liquid protective agent. When mixed with water, it is easy to form a protective film. It has a good antirust effect on steel products packaged and stored indoors

Series products of cylindrical battery shell for new energy vehicles

Excellent short-term protection to reduce the corrosion and scrapping of intermediate links in battery shell production

It does not contain nitrite and amine, which is more in line with environmental protection requirements

It has been widely used in the production of battery cases of international famous electric vehicle brands