Pretreatment series: excellent zinc alloy pretreatment

Dewaxing (ultrasound)

Degreasing (electrolysis)

Acid salt activation

Other electroplating processes

Good cleaning effect, good adhesion and no corrosion to the substrate

Decorative coating series: acid copper Multilayer nickel Trivalent chromium Hard chrome Bronze salt Gun color Black nickel Neutral nickel

Sulfuric acid trivalent white chromium and black chromium process, environmental protection, low current density, safe and simple operation

Bronze salt series, 78#, 07#, 06#, 05# bronze salt

Uniform color and stable operation

Protection and passivation series: Copper protective agent Nickel protectant Zinc passivation protectant Aluminum sealant.

Improve antioxidant capacity

Improve salt spray resistance

Increased wear resistance

Provide a full range of processes and products suitable for various electroplating processes to meet different requirements.